17 August 2009

white flags.

He didn't mean it to happen it just did he jerked off and flipped over cos the sunburn hurt and he left the jeans unbuttoned cos he was lazy and next he knew it was fucking heaven like someone just greased him up and shoved it in so rough. And slowly he kinda realized it wasnt Jake's like he thought and he could've stopped it, fuck, no condom, he should've, but he didn't and just lay there cos Jeremi fucked him so different, rough and angry like. And he started to pull out he guesses cos he's gonna come and he says stay in and fuck it goes way in like further than ever he just gasps cos its making him cum also. And he's still in him and it's starting to hurt but he's not done, he wants more, so Sam rolls onto his back to let him in more and he opens his eyes for a second and Jake is watching an oh fuck this is gonna go so bad he thinks but then Jake goes down on him and he's getting so close and Jake tastes it and jumps right on it, no condoms no care right? Why worry about something that will kill us in ten years when there's no sure tomorrow?
Jake takes his turn after Jeremi, and he's never fucked Sam before or seemed into it, and he went for like 30 minutes so Sam can barely move now, both of them well past 8", he's just lying there covered in his own dried cum and filled with both of theirs and they're both standing at opposite ends of the boat when Jake just comes right out and says he made his decision.

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