05 August 2009

A Boy An Orange and A Grubby Set Of White Underwear

Jeremi sits next to Sydney on the sofa and as his ass hit’s the seat he spreads his legs so wide his jeans creak at the seams and he wipes both hands one on each leg, his hands spread on top of his thighs and then down to his knees.
“that’s better” he says.
“yes absolutely” says Sydney still staring at the legs cased in tight jeans.
Jeremi moves his hands to his crotch and pretends to wipe his hands again as he moves them over his cock, an outline of which appears.
Sydney is transfixed and cannot take his eyes off the boys crotch.
“I think you like some fun sometimes” says Jeremi in his best little boy lost, coy voice.
“I do” says Sydney rather solemnly as he cannot really imagine, such a boy would ever want to have sex with him willingly, twenty years at least the boys senior at least five stone over weight and no prospects to speak of.
Jeremi claps his hands together and laughs
“what fun then” and drapes his arm behind Sydney’s head on the sofa, he shifts his body, one leg under the other to show better his hardening cock.
Sydney’s out of his depth and he knows it, he’s more used to being in control of the boy, more used to submission even tears as he dances his dance of seduction. He watches as Jeremi peels the second orange, slowly, Sydney transfixed by his slim elegant, noble even fingers. Fingers which might soon to touching and rubbing, probing and loving Sydney’s body. Jeremi places the peeled orange on a table next to the sofa and stands.
“and now fun”
And he slowly peels the tee over his head, Sydney watches as the tee rises over a flat well muscled set of abs, as it travels over ribs, exposed and sharp under soft, sunburnt skin, then over a slender neck, then over head and as he drops his tee shirt to the floor Jeremi shifts his weight onto one leg so his upper body has a curve to it. Sydney pulls at his swollen cock through his thick woollen trousers. Jeremi see’s this and giggles “what fun” and kneels in front of Sydney and undoes his belt and buttons on his trousers and pulls them off his overweight rather pale legs. Jeremi raises himself slightly and feels Sydney’s rather small, podgy cock through his white underwear
“and now” Jeremi places his hands on the bands of Sydney’s underwear and pulls them down, Sydney lifts hiss ass to aid removal and as they slide down his legs his rather small, pale cock springs up. Jeremi stands and pulls his own jeans and shorts off in one motion, a full, hard, lengthy cock springs against his flat stomach.
“so this is fun” he laughs and Sydney can just about answer “yes” so tight and constricted is this throat. Then Jeremi picks up the peeled orange from the table and pushes it into Sydney’s mouth, Sydney tries to struggle
“non” Jeremi crys and pushes it further inside Sydney’s mouth. Jeremi then sucks three of his fingers and pushes them inside his ass and Sydney’s cock starts to ooze some pre cum and Sydney wipes his cock with thumb and forefinger as Jeremi moves astride him and slides his ass over Sydney’s cock.

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