03 August 2009

Sam. Dreams and Pillls

"its OK Jake, I'm here" says Sam as he scrapes himself off the ceiling.
"it's good, just me and you and the boat, remember"
and Jake looks at Sam and the boat and runs his hand through his hair to take it out of his eyes.
"yeah, it's OK Sam, I musta been dreaming"
"and some" says Sam
"man I am so tired and now I'm kinda scared to close my eyes again"
"hold on" says Sam and he gets up from the bed and walks into the galley, pours a glass of water and tips six Xanax from the bottle of pills, he stands and looks at them in the palm of his hand, tosses em up and they land back pretty much where they had been, as Sam thinks he tosses the pills. Then he places the three pills on the kitchen worktop and as he grinds them with the back of a spoon into powder all that's running through his head is "fraud, ya fake Jake, fucking asshole fake" and as his anger builds in it's intensity he grinds them down.
"Sam, you OK, out there"? shouts Jake
"Yep, hold on, be right there" and Sam sweeps the powder into the glass and shakes it, then takes another three Xanax from the bottle and takes them and the water through to Jake.
"here, take these and drink this fast, wash em down" Sam holds out the pills and the water and Jake puts all three in his mouth and necks the water.
"Now just lie here against my arm and get some sleep" says Sam drawing him into his body and as Jake starts to drift back into sleep Sam looks at his brother but all he hears is "fake, ya fucking fake man" run through his head.

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