24 August 2009

just to the right, here’ say’s Jake pointing.
‘yes, Sir, To the right, the tour bus should be there in five minutes for the Roman ruins’ and Jake turns, raises his eyebrows to Sam
‘K, five minutes, just outside’.
Sam rises from the over stuffed sofa in the lobby and looks at Jake smiling.
‘OK lets go er wait then’ he says and Jake pushes him in a playful way and both boys walk out of the revolving door and join a small queue to the right-hand side.
‘there, they have just left’ a dark tall, fit, muscular man points as the boys exit the doors and he rises with his friend, colleague, business associate, a smaller, older man with poke marks on his face. As they walk out of the lobby the smaller man says;
‘you are sure, they arrived with a French boy’
‘yes the same boy found in a trash bin’ says the taller man.
‘story’ the smaller man says.
‘I don’t know, that’s it, they arrive with a French boy, he’s found dead and these two don’t seem to unhappy about that, do they’.
‘and where is the body now’ asks the smaller man.
‘collected, gone, garbage’.
‘hmm, so blackmails difficult without a body to present to them’.
‘but there’s a story here boss, we just need to find it out’ the taller darker man is keen to hook his boss into this one, otherwise the boss gets pissed off paying wages for nothing.
‘OK, follow them, see what you can find out, they look like queer to me so be careful my friend’ and with that the smaller man laughs and walks away, mobile phone clamped to his ear.

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