23 August 2009

A day without death

Sam gets woken first by some yelling outside and car horns, then pushes his head under the pillow to make it go away, and it seems like ten seconds later Jake is shaking him awake.
'What the fuck time is it?' he wonders aloud and his hand is hurting something awful.
But Jake isn't paying attention, he's acting all excited and he's holding some guide or something and dragging Sam out of bed without at first realizing he's got the one they cut last night and Sam yelps.
Jake says sorry and he's going on and it's really starting to confuse Sam cos he's sounding...normal. Like a fucking tourist and a happy one at that and it makes him think back to the cottage cos he's got the book in Sam's face and showing him pictures of buildings that are, well, pink ironically, and then he's talking about taking a bus to see some Roman ruin or something.
'Who are you and what have you done with Jake?' he asks and laughs.
And Jake gets quiet and Sam looks at him and for a minute he looks down at his sneakers and damn he bought new sneakers, rip-offs of some American brand, and Sam's really starting to wonder what time it is and if he slept through a day or more somehow.
'I want us back, the way it was, even if it's only for a while,' says Jake. 'I don't want to think about death or any of that today. I want to have fun with you, fun, you remember what that was like?'
And Sam thinks Jake is about to cry or something so he says okay, okay, what do you want to do?
'Get dressed,' he says, and Sam complies, once again Jake's in charge but it does sound nice, what he's talking about.
The next thing he knows they're out in the street with all their stuff in backpacks, and he never really went out much here during the day before, it's jammed with people, strangely, he can't seem to pick a single woman out of the crowd.
And he notices at once Jake is not next to him and wonders where he went. Then he's getting dragged into some restaurant where they feed him some soup dish with meat he can't quite place and fruits and lots of other things, it's good, and they bring them tea which is a bit minty for Sam's tastes. It's the first real meal he's eaten in a long time, even though hot soup in this weather is just insanity.
And Jake drags him around it feels like the entire city, he's got a disposable camera and taking pictures of everything it seems, and the kid won't stop talking and smiling and everywhere they go people really are friendly to them, it's such an awesome change to be a tourist with his brother and not two outsiders against the world and it's actually making him feel good also. But the heat is starting to really get to him, and he complains a little and Jake looks a little disappointed cos he really wanted to make the bus trip to see the Roman ruins. Sam says he's really enjoyed himself, and he's not lying there, not even close, he feels calm and happy for the first time in it seems forever.
'Can we do it tomorrow and find a real hotel like one with a very large pool... and a very well-stocked bar?'
Jake nods then sees something behind Sam and he lights up a bit and says 'Wait here first.'
Jake's back in a few minutes with two necklaces made of dark wooden beads, they look a little cheap to be honest. But it's the thought that counts and they get a few strange looks from some men on the street when Jake insists on them putting them on one another, but fuck it's so much nicer of a way to do this, what's this world done to them that they thought of using the knife before this?
They find a nice looking place, which Sam learns is called a riad and the minute they enter it's like a whole different world, an oasis, there's a courtyard with the big pool he wanted and a bartender, it's surrounded by lemon trees. Jake has to argue to get them a room together and gets frowned at but Sam guesses he knows Jake well enough that the room price went up 200%, Jake always gets his way.
He doesn't even care about the money, he just wants to strip off his dirty clothes and take a real shower and jump into his shorts and enjoy the pool.
They're sitting there next to each other and got frowned at for sitting too close together, but it's close enough he guesses, they've been almost on top of each other everywhere they've slept for days or weeks, yet not since the cottage has he felt so close to Jake.
After the sun goes down it starts to get a little chilly so they eat something and go up to the room, two beds of course, but Jake just draws the shade, messes up his bed and then climbs in with Sam.
'Did you enjoy today,' he asks, and Sam loved it, he's going to actually sleep soundly tonight.
And it's different next cos it's not all about getting to the fuck or even close, Jake really just wants to kiss, quietly, for a long time, gently even, just tasting each other more than they probably ever have before. It's the nicest Sam's ever felt he can remember, he doesn't even realize they both came without even doing anything more than kiss each other for what must have been an hour or more. Jake won't let him stop, his tongue in his mouth, like fuck Sam is about to cum again cos this just feels so perfect, they lose track of time completely and he has no clue how many times he's cum but it's starting to hurt a bit and he's getting tired so he gently breaks it off and says he has to breathe and Jake's like 'one more time?' and before Sam can say anything he's down on him and it's like two seconds wait for so much pleasure he can't stop, filling his mouth with it, cumming like he never has before. He's almost afraid Jake will want to keep going cos he's well exhausted by now, feels like he's run across the country and back five times, but, no, he's satisfied, happy, and curling up and he just whispers that he loves Sam and Sam returns it, brushing his hair and drifting off to sleep, their breathing in sync.

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