11 August 2009


“We all end up with our personal garbage , out own rotten, totally rotten, putrid smelling secrets, rotting away at us from the inside out, until it emerges through swollen pores visible in our behaviours and attitudes for the whole world to see and deal with. It’s a poison that destroys the spirit, optimism, love, compassion, whatever, it destroys any kind of future and this is just how Sam felt as he sat on the deck and watched Jake and that French tart Jeremi. A murder, a murderous brother to be accurate and where exactly would Jake draw the line on that one, just how far would he go to get whatever it was at that moment in time, would he go as far as Sam, if Sam were to cross him somehow, would Jake kill his own brother, the act itself had been so fast, so instantaneous Sam hadn’t seen it coming until the wood had exploded across and then into Sydney’s face, no warning just action that’s Jake. Sam watched as Jeremi put his arm around Jake, laughing, flirting, looking into his brothers eyes deeply, no fuck this thought Sam, it’s just totally out of order wrong, bang outta, and as he watched he thought I need to get a wedge in between Jake and Jeremi, poison Jake against Jeremi, until that murderous rage exploded, yeah thought Sam, that’s the way to get rid of that French tart, get Jake so poisoned up against him that he did it, leaving no opposition for Sam, just the two of them again and as he thought how he would do that Sam sat back and watched and as he watched the two of them together his anger focused into a plan.

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