01 August 2009

Sam Awake

Jake's asleep and Sam has been just raised on one elbow for half an hour just looking at him sleep, how his lips turn upwards, how his long lashes flutter when he starts to dream and Sam has started to realise this is just a dream too. Him and Jake a dream. Jake his brother, his scheming little shit of a brother who he hasn't trusted since he was like six years old, good old charming, lovable, adorable Jake who screws everyone over and like they really don't mind cos he does it with such style and grace, some even come back for more, well not me Jake boy, not this fucking sucker and Sam moves from the weight from his elbow and sits at the foot of the bed, naked. Sam starts to put it all together.
Like Jake springs me from hospital, why, why would he do that, he's never ever, ever done anything to help me in anyway before, then the cottage and those locals there to what? was it just a beating or was it meant to be something else and the gun left, the phone call to Dad, the murder and suicide, running so there where no questions to face and now it's just Jake and me here, that's it, no one knows where we are, I don't even know where I am all I know is Jake's in charge, like always.

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