08 August 2009

Moving On.

“maybe we should think of moving on Sam, move down the coast a little”
“why” say’s Sam, not sure why he would even question because he doesn’t really care where he is as long as Jake’s there.
“well I don’t think we should stay in one place too long, not just yet anyway”.
“like love on the run” laughs Sam.
“yeah Sam, just like love on the run”
“but what we running from Jake”
“dunno, but it feels safer to keep moving for now”
“can’t we just stay a few days Jake and then move”“feels like a risk Sam, it just feels risky to me”
suddenly Sam remembers the Jake of old, always with a devious, nasty little plan that would always bite you when you less expected.
“but I thought you said no plans Jake, what’s this if it’s not a plan”
“I’m not sure it’s a plan Sam to be honest, it’s just an idea and I think it’s a safe one” and now Jake’s a little pissed at Sam, because sometimes Sam can be a little fuckhead when it comes to running his life.
“well moving along the coast sounds like a plan to me, what’s it a plan for”?
“its not a plan for anything Sam, remember the last plan you were involved in would have seen you missing vital organs by now, sold over the internet.
“well my plan say’s stay here” says Sam and he has no reason to say this apart from Jake’s started to get all bossy and planny on him and he knows where that leads too usually.
“OK, OK, Sam, to make you see there is no plan, nothing, we will stay here, OK, stay here for fucking ever if you like, but don’t come woosing it up to me when something happens.
“good” says Sam “here it is then”
and although Sam has got his own way he’s starting to immediately regret it, because it means he will be responsible for anything that happens from here on in and Sam knows he’s not big on responsibility.

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