06 August 2009

The bubble of spit hanging from Jeremi's mouth becomes a major fascination for Sydney or more correctly the boys lips do, so red and full, firm to the kiss, he reaches across and with a finger scoops the spit from the boys face and places it in his own mouth and drinks down and as his finger enters his own mouth his cock hardens so that the tip of it is now brushing against Jeremi's fingers. Jeremi opens his hand and takes Sydney's cock, still moist from their earlier sex and runs his fingers along the cock and then sucks his fingers, tasting Sydney. Sydney's eyes narrow, he cannot imagine why anyone would want to do that. Then Jeremi bends forwards and takes Sydney's cock in his mouth, cleansing it with his mouth, licking and sucking clean and as he does Sydney's cock starts to ooze pre-cum so Jeremi licks that as well and with a massive suck along the length lets the cock fall from his mouth but he keeps his tongue in contact with Sydney's body and starts to lick his distended stomach and pushes the stomach with his hand so the rolls fat of flatten out, he moves further up Sydney's body to his tits and they are tits so like a woman is Sydney's body shape and licks and sucks on Sydney's nipples like a new born with it's mother. Sydney lies back wanting this more than anything in the world.
"more tomorrow, yes" says's Jeremi
and Sydney says "no now, please"
Jeremi puts his hand back around Sydney's cock and gives it a pull and says
"non, tomorrow, money first, then sex,yes".

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