05 August 2009

A Predatory Step Closer For Sydney

Sydney watches as the youth leans across the bar and orders a coke, he remains leant across the bar as the barman walks away to get a cold coke from the freezer shelf.
The youth aware he is being watched, places one foot on top of the other to give his long legs a tight outline, he grinds one foot into the other so his leg muscles tense through his jeans. Sydney cannot take his eyes off the boy and allows, demands that his eyes travel up the long legs of the youth to the small of the boys back as his tee raised up in the posture of leaning exposes the lower vertebrae of his back, eyes travel down the muscle group to see a vivid white line against the boys tanned skin the line interrupted only by the boys butt crack his eyes travel down to a perfectly arranged white elastic band the top of the boys shorts, eyes travel down, green and white hoop’d material tort against the boys ass, back to legs still moving, still grinding.
Sydney moves a step closer, a predatory step closer, moving into the boys space and looks down again.
He can feel the boys vertebrae as he runs his hands down the lower of the boys spine, feel his fingers move against the bone that is supported by such soft skin, skin that gives slightly to the touch and down and he imagines he is tracing with a finger the boys tan line and then placing his tongue on the youths skin and licking around the boys body where the line runs in perfect geometry the circumference of his body and back to the boys ass, tongue in butt crack working its way down to the boys ass, he lets out a slight groan as he imagines his tongue placed against the boys asshole, he imagines pushing his tongue inside the youth and as he imagines he lets out a long sigh.
Sydney is snapped back to the bar as the boy speaks to him.
“er Bonsoir, ja’m..”
The boy interrupts

“English please, you are English”
“yes” says Sydney “I am English”
And as Sydney says “yes” another “yes” is being spoken on a boat barely half a mile away, a yes that see’s two boys, two brothers wrapped in each others arms, hot, in love and as Sam say’s “yes” Jake moves his cock towards Sam’s ass.

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