19 August 2009


It's just hot and sleazy is the only way to describe it. The people all get on the roof at night for prayer and fuck shortly after and no one asked shit when they flashed the Euros just suddenly they have a room, no questions.
And Jake is boiling like so mad and Sam is almost scared to speak when he finally hisses in his ear it's, 'ok, i lied, my ass is for sale, and do you know why?'
And Sam just shakes his head, no, like wtf.
'Cos he never fucked me, but now he's gonna be the first and you're gonna watch.'
And Sam almost pukes right there but Jake is in charge like usual and he's looking at Jeremi and the kid looks uncertain but Sam just nods like whatever, it's Jake, no point in disagreeing, and he finds the cheap liquor and takes a big gulp and its turning him on in a fucked up kind of way to see them naked in bed together.
And they're just making out atm and Sam grabs Jeremi's dick and just massages it to get it just a bit harder before a little spit and he lets him push a bit and plays with Jake's so it won't hurt so much and then it's in and Jake has to tell Sam to stop cos he's gonna cum too quick but fuck that Sam just sucks harder and he shoots all warm and salty in Sam's mouth, but Jeremi's not ready yet and Jake tries to wriggle out but Sam won't let him, no, if he's gonna pay rent like this he better get used to it, and it's kinda hot to see Jake like this cos it's gonna make him cum again whether he wants to or not, Jeremi's got a big one.
Sam's hard too and he slips off the rip-off Nike sweats he bought and starts to fuck Jeremi, he has to go slow cos the kid is so tight and he bitches a little but he wants it.
'Play with him some,' instructs Sam.
And Jeremi starts grabbing Jake's soft dick and that just seems to make him a bit crazier and Jake is almost crying now cos it hurts so bad and feels so good.
'You close?' asks Jeremi and fuck Sam coulda been there five minutes ago so he just gasps and he feels the ass tighten a bit as he does too.
And Sam's well spent here and soaked with sweat, he gets up and lights a cig and finds the alc but Jake isn't done with them yet, he makes Jeremi put it back in so he can jerk off at least and nice some fucking life they've wound up with.

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