08 August 2009

Its enough he guesses for now though he's trying to game how to keep things going once he finds the people this fat man is looking for, game it so he can tell him to swoop him off his feet and find an apartment in Paris or Bruxelles or Bruge and why not hey let him pay the deposit. The man is in love with him and he could care less except what easier way is there than to take advantage of that?
And he curses to himself cos it's 23:00 and he's crawling over a sand dune, he had to make it look more difficult than it really was to find them, I mean it's two kids in a giant sailboat which kinda stands out.
He hopes Sydney is as stupid as he seems, too, cos that scary fuck also named Sydney has been following them non-stop all day and is as subtle as an express train, and he better not fucknig expect to get a cut of it, cos Jeremi is gonna work this all the way if he can.
There's a yell just after they cross the dune and he has the common sense to dodge and duck, but for a fat man like Sydney that's not so easy, the younger one of the two has a piece of driftwood and smacks him right across the face which takes him down well quick and he just stands for a second and seems to recognize him and fuck he goes berserk and starts smashing his face with it and then Jeremi has to do something to protect his investment and it's him and the psycho guy and the other kid all trying to pry him off and they're getting sprayed with blood and bits of Sydney and fuck how can this kid be so strong they can barely knock him down.
And finally they manage to just knock him over but he's smashed his face in well serious and been kicking him like a football and fuck there's blood everywhere and Sydney isn't moving and his sport jacket is drenched with blood and his face is a pulp of shattered bones and blood and ripped flesh and fuck fuck the scary Sydney is checking his pulse and looking all serious and fuck Jeremi is now thinking how the fuck what the fuck cos he's never seen someone beat this bad and now scary Sydney is doing CPR and the bank at least coughs and spits up blood, he's spitting it up bigtime, huge chunks of something soaked in red.
And now the younger one speaks and he says 'Why the fuck can't all of you stay out of your lives?'
And suddenly he's at him again, knocks the psycho guy right over and this time it's for real, he just slamming a huge piece of wood down on the bank's head and this time no one is stepping in cos they're all to scared, he just's smashing and smashing and the dunes are running over with blood and his face is all grotesque broken up and its him and scary guy and the other kid just standing at the outskirts of this play with no fucking clue, it's just like he wants to end this guy, and finally scary guy tries to step in and fuck if he doesn't get piece too, right across the head, with as much force as a pro cricket player and that's when the other kid steps in and then the younger one just collapses and starts crying and this is all so fucked up, the bank has to be dead by now, he's in pieces and curled up in some strange fucked crunched position and bits of him are falling out of his head like one of his eyes and thats so fucking gross cos it's like hanging out and hes not breathing and Jeremi's 'protector' is also out, stunned, and then the older one speaks.
'Why can't you just fucking leave us be?'
And fuck Jeremi doesn't know what to say, he wasn't tryin to be a part of this just it ended up happening and now he feels guilty cos the fat man spent his last 4200 on him to die in a smashed-up pile on the dunes and he finds himself asking the pair to take him with him, cos sure as hell he's well fucked if he stays, even tho psycho guy has come to and is rubbing his head and muttering something about putting the body on the train tracks, all he can think of is going to the jar and getting the rest of it and begging them to take him away cos unless the conductor is blind there's no way to pass this off as anything than it was.
He's sitting here and feeling sick and realizing this is the first dead body he's seen, the first time he's seen someone smashed to pieces. What a sad ending for such a sad man.


  1. Some parts gave me slight difficulties holding onto the tempo/pace but with the use of word-pairings that evolved into familiar images, I enjoyed it much more. Still very personal, time-well-spent reading.

  2. Cathy
    Glad you are enjoying it :) Thx for reading.