26 August 2009

dreams, that's all it is just dreams, and now sam is wondering what if, what if he reached into his jeans or ducked under the gunwales and wonders what if, they thought they were going to attack the gunboat and just maybe that's best cos...and he imagines it like it almost makes him cum the thought of the 50mm gun shredding their tiny universe to pieces and jake getting hit first cos sam is ducking and he almost disintegrates only the important bits are left to love but they're dying and now the bullets are shredding into him too and like in life they become one just a shredded pile of pulp and bone mixed in with the sawdust on the deck as their boat capsizes and there's nothing left to save except the last long look between them in this world just his blue eyes and the fear that maybe there is no next one just its all gone and maybe this is how it always was going to be and maybe they get one last kiss before it all expires and maybe they cum so the blood and shredded bone gets mixed up with it a bit just its them...together forever.

But Jake got fucked up on his directions cos now they see the flag on the gunboat isn't Spain or Britain its just straight green.
'What the fuck is that??' asks Sam cos now he's getting really freaked.
And Jake's just well shaking here cos this wasn't supposed to go so bad but then when has it ever not gone bad and he double checks his co-ords and then realizes they yanked the GPS and now he's got a book open with all kinds of flags and he just says 'fuck.'
'Fuck? What the fuck does that mean?'
'It means fuck. Like really, fuck.'
'What flag is that? Where the fuck are we?'
'It's Libya.'
And now the option of being gunned to pieces really sounds like the safest bet and they're getting closer and Sam's like 'What now?'
'What now?'
'Ya, what now?'
'We're absolutely fucked'
And Jake is spinning the sail to try and run but this won't get them far enough, there's not enough wind in the sails to outrun the gunboat, it would take a cyclone. And fuck Jake is swearing cos he coulda sworn they were heading northwest not southeast but people tend to go in circles when they're lost and especially if they're relying on an unplugged GPS.
And there's shouting over them in Arabic and now they have to hide what's between them forever and fuck.
'C'mon, fuck' yells Jake but then there's the proverbial shooting over the bow which cuts the sail in half and now they're just dead in the water. Like always things just went from bad to absolute worst.

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