03 August 2009

Sam's second and third thoughts

Sam watches Jake as he drifts into what?
Sleep a coma, death.
"fuck Sam you stupid shit, why did you do that, cos I can't trust him, never could, never will, whys he being so nice, ask yourself that Sam, cos he's fucked up at school and needs someone now and he thinks that's me does he, he sprung you from hospital didn't he, came and got you, sorted the cottage for you, how was he to know some rednecks would come along and the sex well hadn't that just happened, as much as you as him" Sam's heads spinning, for every opinion there's another and he doesn't have a clue which opinion if any might be the right one.
"so that's enough to kill him is it Sam, because you don't know if he's faking or not, did the sex' the love, the way he held you, kissed you, long and tender the way he lay back all nervous the first time you went down on him, he trusted you to shove ya fist up his ass for fucks sake Sam all that passed between you two, did that feel fake or did it feel like the best thing that's ever happened to you, Well Sam".
Sam shifts, uneasily.
"fuck, fuck, Jake, Jake, wake up, wake up and he slaps Jake face hard.
Jake comes out of his sleep with a bump.
"Jake you need to chuck man, in the bathroom now"
Jake's confused
"I don't feel sick Sam, I just need sleep"
"No Jake, come on, I heard you in your sleep you were retching, now come on".
Sam helps Jake out of bed, a lack of sleep and maybe the Xanax make him stagger a little so Sam holds him upright and walks him to the bathroom.
"Now put a finger down your throat and chuck says Sam. Jake blinks at him, unsure, but does what he's told and suddenly there's a gush of water and three undissolved pills laying in the bowl.
"well done" says Sam
"yeah" says Jake a little unsure.
"now back to bed mister" says Sam in his best matronly tone and he helps his brother back into bed and pulls him tight against his body as he again watches Jake drift into sleep.
As Sam starts to feel sleep coming he looks at Jake and says
"night Jake the fake" and drifts into a sleep of his own.

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