21 August 2009

dark streets.

Jake is well shocked and Sam can't really blame him but he was coming between them and he couldn't let that happen, and they're dumping Jeremi along with the huge pile of garbage when they got caught. It's a man as black as pitch and when he talks you need a shower cos it oozes and he just says one word: '5,000.'
And Sam's like fuck it's a payoff for the man to not mention the dead boy between them but no, its not.
The man has a photo and he's talking about his sister getting 'dishonored' whatever that means and before Sam can say shit before Jake says '7,500' and this is really out of control cos all Sam can do is make sure Jake doesn't get hurt like he's in disbelief cos the guy in the pic is a Brit tourist and just wants something to fuck, doesn't really matter so much if its a boy or girl and Jake plays it, like acting drunk and asking to get walked home and Sam follows a short distance back and then the African dude cuts him off and Sam gives him the keys and just follows. He's pretty sure he doesn't want to see what's gonna happen just he damn well needs to be sure Jake is okay and he grabs the African guy by the arm to tell him if he hurts him he's dead and the guy just laughs.
'your friend will be fine.'
And it's really fucked up next cos he lets the fat man get into it, sweat pouring off his body and he's grunting like that only makes Sam think of one thing and then fuck the African dude's got the biggest knife he's ever seen and it just goes right through him like butter and this is all fucked cos he was inside Jake and Jake's not stopping cos he's still useful for a few minutes and the man just hands Sam an envelope sprouting cash and Jake cums and he says something about just in time and Sam goes and pukes all over the bathroom..

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