20 August 2009

I'm ready for my close up now Mr De'Milne.

ah, just fucking genius Sam, just genius’ Jake is just so angry with his brother Sam, Jeremi’s almost pushing himself into the wall, so does he not want to be involved in this row.
‘just see’ says Sam, ‘just see OK’
‘see what fuckhead, see you went out three hours ago with all our money and you come back with some admittedly good shit and some other stuff we have yet to see in your bag, what is that shirt anyway’
‘later, patience, dear brother OK, all in good time, now have another hit and stop stressing’. and Sam passes him the fat, fat blunt he has rolled from a baggie that seems so big, it would impossible to smoke the contents in this lifetime.
Jake takes a hit
‘it’s good yeah’ says Sam laughing and Jake passes him the blunt, but he palms it straight over to Jeremi, kill it man’ says Sam and Jeremi finishes it with a relish. Jake notices this and realises that Sam has been doing this for an hour solid now, passing the vast amount of the stuff onto Jeremi, whilst taking very little himself.
As Jeremi stubs the blunt out in the ashtray, Sam moves beside him on the sofa and starts to kiss him on the mouth, deep and as he kisses him he moves his hands to Jeremi’s jeans and massages his cock through the material and in no time under Sam’s guiding hand he’s hard as a rock and panting.
‘does Jeremi want more’ Sam says in a baby voice.
Jeremi whose past the point of a laughing this one off says ‘yeah, course’
And Sam stands and goes to his bag and pulls out a video recorder and tosses it to Jake who catches it and Sam starts to pull his clothes off.
‘come on then , lets party and party fucking hard Jeremi’ Sam says laughing and as he’s saying that Jeremi’s already pulling his tee over his head and then his jeans and shorts are down and off and he’s standing there so hard, so horney.
‘ah, nice’ says Sam. ‘you ready bro, with the camera’ and Jake just shrugs cos he’s never seen Sam this alive, so focused on anything, so he figures as bad as he might feel watching and filming this, he better jump on the idea fast.
‘yeah ready’ says Jake
And Sam pushes Jeremi onto his knees onto the floor so that his ass is pointed in the air and he pulls his bag closer and then inserts two and then three fingers roughly into Jerami’s ass.
‘fuck man’ says Jeremi
‘shut the fuck up bitch’ shouts Sam as he pounds Jeremi’s ass with almost his whole hand inside the boys ass.
‘fuck man, fuck, careful’
And that brings a swift response from Sam who pulls Jeremi’s hair back hard so that his head is forced back.
And Jake gets on the idea cos this is like new and horny, so he starts to engage with the idea of filming the two together.
‘want me to fuck you’ Sam say’s to Jeremi.
‘fuck yeah’ says Jeremi pushing his ass onto Sam’s hand.
And Sam withdraws his hand from Jeremi’s ass and moves on his knees closer to Jeremi and positions his cock at the boys asshole
‘ready bitch’ say’s Sam
‘fuck me man, fuck me’ say’s Jeremi and Sam pushes his cock into Jeremi and starts to fuck him rough and hard and fast and Jeremi’s screaming in a kind of fuck this hurts but don’t stop yet kiinda way and Sam’s stomach and balls are banging against Jeremy’s ass and you can hear the loud slapping clearly and then Sam grabs Jeremi’s balls and squeezes em really hard,
‘get that Jake get the balls man’
And Jake moves position and focuses on a mangled set of balls being worked hard by Sam’s hand
‘fuck you cunt’ shouts Jeremi and Sam just pulls his hair back harder and fucks him in short fast stabs and reaches and grabs Jeremi’s cock and jerks it hard.
‘I’m gonna cum’ shouts Jeremi
‘do it man, do it, cum’ screams Sam back at him
‘Jake get a long shot from his head down to me, make sure all of him is in frame OK'
And Jake moves to get the shot Sam has directed him to do.
Two boys on their knees one fucking the other’s brains out as if his life depends on it.
‘now come ya cunt, cum‘, shouts Sam,’cum now asshole’
‘yeah, yeah, ah, yeah’ and Jeremi’s there, he needs the release, he needs to shoot this load so bad.
And Sam can feels Jeremi’s cock squirting his load and as he cums Sam takes a lock knife from his bag and pulls it across Jeremi’s throat and he feels the warm blood flood over his hand.
And Jake drops the camera as he see’s the blood running,
‘fucking pick it up and film Jake’….Jake…pick up the camera… film…come on’
And Jake relieved to have another set of thoughts in his head does as Sam has told him
‘close up Jake on my cock and his ass, come on’ and Sam has to shout this louud tto Jake becausee Jeremi's make a loud griggling sound through the slash in his throat.
And Jake repositions so he can see Sam’s cock fucking the twitching, dying boys asshole and Sam withdraws his cock and shoots his thick, large load over Jeremi’s ass and the then he turns the boy over onto his back and grabs the camera from Jake and films Jeremi’s death, which takes about two minutes of blood flow and twitching and then it’s all over.
‘one more long shot, pan the body’ says Sam and he moves the camera as he has just directed himself, then he shuts the camera off, stands and looks at a pale shocked Jake.
‘dude what do you know, we got ourselves a real life snuff movie, should be worth a mint yeah’ and he throws the camera onto the couch and walks through to the shower.

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