23 August 2009

Done Deal

‘look Jake, it’s fucked OK, we both know that, but if it’s fucked, it’s fucked, so we just need to do what we need to do, whatever the circumstances and one day, yeah the circumstances are gonna catch up with us and then that’s the end of it, but this is not the end, here, right now, it’s just not’ and he looks at his brother and Jake at last seems to be able to take in what he’s trying to tell him, been trying to tell him for the last hour.
‘so Jake, yeah’ questions Sam.
and flimsy as this sounds Jake realises there is nothing else he can do, he knows he needs to accept this because to fight it, resist it, is to deny what’s gone on and now their strength together lies in each others trust and love that and the knowledge that they can both kill if the circumstances require it, kill to save themselves and each other.
‘deal’ say’s Jake…’sorry man, it just took me a while to catch up with you’.
‘cool’ say’s Sam and he picks up a lock knife from the table and looks at his brother
‘wha’ Jake’s immediately nervous because this could mean anything with Sam and he’s relieved when Sam cuts a line across his hand and watches the blood flow
‘now you Jake’ and he hands the knife to Jake and Jake does the same and then as one both boys lift their hands and join them so the blood runs between them.
‘forever together’ says Sam
‘forever together Sam smiles Jake.
‘ the killings not over you know that don’t ya’ says Sam
‘yeah I know’ says Jake and then he adds ‘so’ and looks straight into Sam’s eyes and Sam can see the bond made, the deals done, there is no doubt between them now, just trust and love, murder and death.

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