09 August 2009

Trenhomle's watching breakfast television, well he has an ear on it, he finds both of the presenters irritating in the extreme, so he listens.
He's beyond irritation, the deal for the kids heart has hit the rails just as it was on, everyone had disappeared off the face of the earth, mobiles no longer worked, all contact lost and a son dying by the second, losing weight, skin almost translucent blue.The mention of the name of a school on the news makes him turn and look at the TV set.
'French Police have issued an appeal concerning the murder last night of a recently retired English and Latin schoolmaster Sydney Thompson formally of St Luke's Public School, Worcester. The French Police believe his murder may be tied to that of missing school boy Jake Smart and his older brother Sam Smart. The boy's have not been since the murder of their mother and lover and apparent suicide of father Jacob at the family cottage just outside Basingstoke, Hampshire. Anyone with details should contact investigating magistrate Ms Dederoit at Calais Central Police Station, contact details of which appear on our BBC news web site, the number is also at the bottom of your screens....now'
then the idiot newsreaders move onto a story concerning Madonna and her apparent physical assault by one of the children she recently adopted from the Philippines.
Trenholme picks up his mobile and locates the name of his Head of HR and pushes 'dial'.
"Carol..Ian...I have to take a few days out, no longer than a week" he listens as his rather dull, overweight Head cackles on about 'no problem' he almost cuts her off before she has finished. Then he shouts through to his wife who is attending to their son in the kitchen.
"Jane, I have to go to Calais, there maybe some news there that can re-start our search, I need to pack and go, I will phone you from the car, OK and try and watch the news, you will see what I mean" and shhe nods her head and say's
"go. go, quickly" and returns to their son in the kitchen.

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