19 August 2009

dumbass plans

it makes perfect sense ‘ say’s Sam
The other two boys look away as if slightly embarrassed by his idea.
‘what’ says Sam
‘are you for real’ says Jake
‘what’ says Sam become pissed at the two of them
‘OK’ says Sam, ‘why not’ and as he says this he spreads his arms wide.
Jake looks at him a mixture of concern and humour, mainly humour he guesses.
‘look Sam, Morocco’s like a Muslim country’
‘and’ says Sam
‘erm, Muslim’s and three gay boys, two of them brothers, all randy, sucking and fucking might just not be the winning combination in the hideaway stakes of life we need to be playing right now yeah’?
‘and that’s just it, dumbass’ say’s Sam
‘ whose gonna come a calling there’?
‘It’s gonna be cheap’ chips in Jeremi.
‘yeah, that too’ says Sam.
‘it feels so wrong’ says Jake shaking his head, worried now that Jeremi seems to be supporting Sam in this fucked up, half witted plan.
Jeremi’s already working the angles in his head, a boat, cheap Atlas mountain grade dope, eight miles to Spain, not just dope to smuggle either, all those illegal’s looking to enter Spain, start a new life, a dingy ride away.
‘I think we should give it a go’ says Jeremi.
‘see’ say’s Sam, ‘it’s not so dumbass to him, so Jake’
And he throws his brother an accusing look, a look to challenge the shit outta Jake.
‘It’s just so wrong, I can’t even begin to start to explain why’ says Jake.
‘cool’ says Sam. ‘Morroco it is then.
And then with a sparkle in his eye, a sparkle Jake spots immediately because it usually leads to enormous trouble and strife, troubles so large Sam says
‘and we can service all them pedo types who live there, I mean Jake you are only 15, they gonna pay for your ass big time and if there’s a little brotherly love thrown in we gonna cream em large style, no’.
‘No’ says Jake, ‘No’s the answer to that one‘.
‘we’ll see’ says Sam.
And now Jake is really starting to feel afraid, because he can see Sam not’s so far from serious with that idea.

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