21 August 2009


Ten hours of sitting in almost total silence, disbelieving, the two boys understand that they must re-emerge into the world, leave this behind them, but is it so easy?
Sam stands and walks over to his brother who is sitting on the coach, Sam sits beside him and lays his head on the younger brothers shoulder.
‘hey’ says Sam
‘hey back’ says Jake
‘Hey, hey’
‘hey’ says Jake with almost a laugh
‘hey, hey, hey, hey ,hey’ say’s Sam laughing now,……..’come on Jake, it’s over’
‘yeah, I know’
‘let’s just leave it behind now yeah’
and Jake strokes Sam’s hair, gently
‘yeah let’s leave it now’.
and so relieved is Sam to hear this that he lifts his head and kisses his brother and in kissing him, its as if they are back at the cottage, experiencing that first kiss, that first touch and in re-experiencing that both boys re-emerge into the world.

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