05 August 2009


Sydney thinks he should have seen his doctor before hand, because he almost stroked out, one second Jeremi was hinting at what might be possible and the next he was riding him, everytime he squatted down all the way it 'bout made Sydney explode and maybe he just did fucking die and go to heaven.
He never knew it could be like this, never knew a world beyond smell piss-stained public urinals and sweat-stinking moldy bathhouses and god here was Jeremi, just perfect, his skin so pale and white and yes he knows exactly what he's with.
'You're an angel,' he says, almost in disbelief that he just said that out loud, but it's true ffs, Jeremi is an angel of some sort, his angel, and the boy just laughs.
'Non, non,' he protests, and matter of factly stands up, the head of his penis still moist, walking past Sydney and its so close to his lips it makes him almost cry. And the boy opens up Sydney's wallet and helps himself but Sydney doesn't care.
'I can get more,' he says, 'will you let me stay?'
'If you can get more, to be sure, yes.'
'And later I need your help with something, I will pay you for that, also.'
'Is fine. You want to take sleep first? Dormir avec votre ange?'
Sydney nods, this is just amazing, the boy curled up, secure, not even caring about the folds of Sydney's sagging skin on top of his stomach, he just breathes, a soft scent of intoxicating orange wafting from his perfect full lips like Cointreau sex which are just slightly apart to show his gleaming perfect teeth, a bubble of spit slipping out of the corner of the boy's mouth.
Sydney is stroking his long black hair gently and whispers, 'You are so beautiful, so perfect in every way.' And Jeremi moves his hand ever so slightly, until it just barely rests itself on Sydney's pubes.

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