09 August 2009

open water.

Sam hopes things get better. They left a mess in Calais. The conductor wasn't drunk but he wasn't all there, he was texting when the train ran through so the crowd at the Calais stop got to meet the upper half of Sydney Thomson which of course ran live on BBC along with all of their photos. He's not sure what to make of Jeremi. He brings money into the whole plan, which is something they really needed cos Jake seemed to go through it like water around French food and wine, but that life is done and they can't set foot in Europe for a long time now that their pics are on BBC and everywhere else.
They're sailing somewhere different, straight out into the ocean, and thankfully Jeremi knows what he's doing there, no more of Sam fishing Jake out of the soup cos he got knocked over by the sail. Jeremi has his mobile with him to tell his dad he was okay and going away for a while and his godfather is getting well bent by the French police for operating without permission and they're wondering about the mayor's involvement cos the coverup was a complete fail, some old lady talked and everything came out. And it's almost a relief to see the bars on the Orange phone go to zero and then roam and then nothing and they're really out in it now, no land in sight.
Jake hasn't spoken a word in a day and barely come out of the cabin, not since he beat Sydney, he won't even let Sam near him atm though he seems to get on with Jeremi okay and let Jeremi hug him so at least maybe he can talk to him if he feels like it.
Jeremi picks up the mobile, studies it, then tosses it into the sea.
'Fuck the world,' he says.
And Jake finally comes out and the first person he talks to is Jeremi, which bothers Sam, but at least he's talking, something about making lunch for them.
'Let's go someplace warm,' he mutters. 'I don't wanna be cold ever again.'
And then he hugs Jeremi and tugs on Sam's shirt to bring him in and just maybe the world has tilted a bit in their favor.

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