26 August 2009

Fucked Philipino's

as the boys stand, arms out wide, the sign of no problems man, across the ocean they were now being taken from by the British Navy, gay icon and thoroughly modern wonder Madonna was getting her head trashed from the kid she had so nicely, so kindly, so wonderfully, so caringly, bought for enough money to equip the kids country with good schools, meaning he and kids like him need ever be parted from their parents ever again, well at that very moment the kid was whacking her over the head with a designer, ten thousand dollar remote control car. Blood was starting to show through that oh so fucking nasty perm that for some weird reason she thought was cool, and as he hit her she called for help, but she still hadn't got out of the habit of affecting an English accent, a hangover from her marriage to that mockney wanker and failed film director, Guy Ritchie, you know the one, him who stumbled across a good first film, then, the second was all 'ohh Brad Pitt's accents so wonderful', no it fucking isn't twats, I live here and no one speaks like that stupid, he's just a stupid stupid American actor who thinks his shit don't stink. So anyway Madge is getting her head kicked bad and she's all 'Oh No Don't You Know You Must Not Treat Mummy This Way. You can't do that to Mummy and the kids like totally a flipped Philipino and is beating the shit outta her head bad and Madgee is all Oh don't do this to Mummy and he's now got the back of her head and is slamming it into the marble floor and her bloods spattering and dripping all over the Egyptian marble flooring and the flipped Philipino kid is screaming at the top of his voice, wheres my fucking dad bitch. and as dear gay icon and child buyer Madge is blacking out the British Navy board Sam and Jake's boat.

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