28 June 2009


Sam has only snuck out twice naked and now Jake practically pushes him out the door and the sun feels so good it like makes him feel sleepy and fuck he's white as hell with a giant scar he realizes now and he's ashamed.
Jake has made him a drink and fuck all if his brother didn't learn from the master this shit is strong as all fuck, its Cuba y Libre and he brought out chips and some fresh-made salsa and this is weird as fuck cuz they're both naked and he really is kinda sure Jake is hitting on him.
And he bitches about the scar and how evrytyhing hurts and suddenly he's getting a massage, and Jake is strong so it's all pleasant pain, and there's a stream right there and he decides to go in and Jake does too and he's all like yikes, not cool, they're both hard, there should be something awkward about this, but there isn't, and...
i just frenched my brother and he didn't say shit and now idk wtf.
He tousles Jake's hair and shit he's going to hell for sure cuz he just laughs and they're both hard as fux and this is probably the wrongest road he's ever been down, Jake pushes him over on the bank and fuck he can't even put his mind around next it's just too fucked up and probably illegal in a dozen countries.
But it feels right and it starts to rain and they don't move and that's good because the rain is hiding his tears.

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