30 June 2009


Life should always be like this thinks Sharon.
She's been in Pain Garden for two solid days.
One more and the club closes.
She's eaten crap bar food, consumed god knows how much champagne and thinks she's done about 17 e's, some K but she's kinda lost grip on that one. She did some lines of coke about five hours ago and now she needs some more.
Her back is starting to hurt bad from a three hour stint in the sling, where she was whipped, by a woman dressed in tight leather with her breasts exposed, Sharon could see the woman's nipples harden every time she bought down the whip. she's been burnt with cigarettes by a naked guy who eventually fucked her as he worked his way down her thigh with a Marlboro lite as he burnt her a woman worked some nipple clamps on her until there was a trail of blood, which was licked by a guy, she thinks, dressed as a satyr.A crowd had gathered for that one, she lost count of the number of men who came over here. For a while she lay in the men's urinals, letting guys piss all over here, it kinda snapped her out a K hole.
She knows a life exists outside of the garden but only just, there's another day to go.

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