20 June 2009

On the Green

He pauses and shuffles his Oxfords in the tan gravel, then pauses to look back at the imposing rock walls of the building designed to scare the generations of children he has taught, and suddenly the box that somehow contains all that is left of thirty years of teaching feels like a giant block of lead.
Lead, Period Table Symbol Pb, periodic number 82, a soft and malleable metal...
The whack of the cane against the little brat's desk that started it all, and then the failing grade on the final examination that was the beginning of the end, and the next thing Sydney Thomson knew he was facing down the headmaster, a man who never smiled and now seemed to only have the most wrinkled frown on his forehead humanly possible. The accusations, and no opportunity for defense. Every protestation Sydney started to present was met with that cough that was as sharp as the blade of a guillotine. He had become aware then of the two bobbies that had appeared behind him, and the message did not need to be put into words. This sort of scandal would not do.
His thoughts were interrupted by a black taxi nearly running over his toes, and Sydney turned and found himself face-to-face with the little bastard ingrate. He thought first of yelling a defense, I never did anything to you, young man!, but that emotion quickly changed as the red-head who could have easily passed for Ron out of Harry Potter gave him the most evil smurk.
Yes, Sydney, I fucked you, and I fucked you good, you tried to flunk me out, who lost?? it said. It was all Sydney could do not to stride over and wrap his thick fingers around the boy's scrawny Welsh neck and ring it like a worthless rabbit.
Welsh rarebit.
Instead he found himself looking down, wandering towards the student garden he'd grown fond of grading papers in on sunny afternoons. He sat the box down and quickly found the small withered plant Jacob Junior had contributed to the offering, quickly checked to see if anyone was watching, and yanked his member out and urinated all over the pitiful thing, then smashed it into oblivion.
The little shit.

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