17 June 2009

Mr Trenholm.

'Mr Trenholme, sir, sorry to interrupt your meeting but the call your requested to be put through is online now'.
Mr Trenholm looks up from a dull report written by his rather over weight head of HR and looks at the faces of his heads of department, a dull lot, he thinks.
'you will have to excuse me, I am afraid, I need to take this call in private'.
They gather their papers and file out, to wait in the outer office.
He closes the door on them and picks up the telephone.
There's a transatlantic fuzz on the line.
'Mr Trenholme, sir'.
'This is Doctor Nash, we spoke recently'.
'Yes, Trenholme quickly says not wanting to cover the where and whys of their last conversation.
'Sir, I think we have a suitable heart for donation'.

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