27 June 2009

Sam and Jake Jr

Sam has woken, he doesn't feel tired or down, he feels good.
He lies there a while making sure the feelings not gonna pass, but whenever he looks at Jake whose sleeping next to him he knows it won't.
He gets out of bed and walks naked to the kitchen.
Checks all the cupboards and fridge, Jake has stocked the lot by the looks.
He turns on the kettle and finds some fresh coffee, milk and sugar, aghhh today's gonna be good he thinks. Pops the toaster with some bread and is working through a whole loada jams and marmalade's when he notices Jake standing in the doorway with an ear to ear grin.
"good to see ya happy man" Jake says.
"good to be happy" Sam snaps back grinning.
Jake walks over and holds Sam close, running his hands through his hair, smelling it.
Sam feels as happy as a kid at Christmas with his first bike.
"Toast, Coffee" Sam asks.
"Both would be real cool".
Sam butters toast, pours coffee, puts it on a tray.
"out side's nice, here" Jake says
"hold on, I get dressed then" says Sam
"why" says Jake, "it's real secluded here, "let's just go like this".
Sam laughs and looks at Jake
"why not, who we gonna scare out here"
"no one here but us chickens" says Jake quoting an old Cab Callaway song they used to sing as little kids with their Mum.

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