20 June 2009

Jake Jr

Looks like we have a deal, the situations ongoing as they say.
I'm pretty happy as I walk into my housemaster's study.
'enter, boy' booms out from Mr Peterson.
'Sir, I need a pass to go home for a couple of days, my father and brother are both in the hospital and I think I should go and support them, Sir'.
'Yes, I was sorry to hear about that and had been expecting such a request from you'. I am surprised you didn't ask yesterday'.
'Sorry Sir, I spoke with the Doctor yesterday and he said there would be no advantage in rushing there and I had a couple of things I needed to sort here before I went, Sir'.
Mr Peterson, smiles now, as if all knowing;
'I see Jake, sensible, you seem on top of the situation there, good lad, three day pass be long enough'.
'can I have a week Sir'
'yes, of course, no problems' and with that he signs a pass form for me to take to the office.
I leave his study and go and sit in the quad, it's empty, every ones in lessons now, so it's safe to phone.
The Doctor picks up, of course he would it's a private line.
'It's Jake, Hi, I am on my way, I take it the plans are in place with the donor you have set up'?
'Yes, of course, but this will need to be discussed in person and not over the telephone, understand'.
'Yes, of course, see you tomorrow, then'.
As I put the phone back into my pocket, I hear a taxi pull up, mine I guess.

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