11 June 2009

Doctor & Nurse: a short conversation

Double doors sweep open. An empty stretcher rests abandoned in the corridor. A water bottle and drip are sent into hiding by white flaying coat and brown sensible shoes. Green overalls, plimsols and surgical mask squeeks along behind. A door opens and slams shut.

"If that little shit remembers anything of what has passed here tonight we're all for the chop! Are you sure he was completely out? Are you fucking sure!?"

Green trousers drops mask and eyes the doctor: "He was out on arrival... That is certain. At what point he gained consciousness I cannot say exactly. It would have been around 12.45 that I..."

"That You possibly saved the only person you should have killed. What we have here is much more than a suicidal diabetic... what we have here is a HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM... a registered, treated and pissed-off problem!"

Green overalls lowers his gaze and eyes brown sensible shoes. He thinks and then sinks a flushed and tired head into clean hairy hands.

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