28 June 2009

Sam and Jake

and as he cries Sam realises hes crying in memory of all those times when he wishes he could have taken Jake and made love to him, all those times he laid in bed, listening to Jake jerk off or just watching him sleeping as he did and he realises that moments like this matter in a life, he knows this moment could mark out his life forever, a life of constant regret or a life having know total pleasure and as he's making that decision Jake holds him close and as he is held close Sam starts to move his body up and down, so their cocks are sliding against each other and Sam knows it's right here, right now, this fucking moment, this risk that's gonna define his life forever and as he moves, he moves forward and places his lips against his brothers and it's right fucking now, right fucking here, now and there's a relief as Jake pushes his lips onto Sam's and they kiss, long and hard and Jake's hands move to his brothers ass and he strokes before pushing a finger inside Sam and all Sam can do is relax to allow his brother inside him and Sam pushes back onto his brothers fingers to let him further inside and they are both biting each others lips hard and Jake moves his lips away and whispers into Sam's ear, "lets just do this, bite each others lips so hard they draw blood and then lets kiss and drink each other, take my life inside you, yours inside me" and they do, there's an exquisite moment when as they both bite they both feel the lip of the other give way and burst and at that moment they both feel the warm blood pass between them and as they do they both cum against against each other.


  1. thanks Sasha and new author..LOL
    just gonna get better with you on board

  2. "Yep, cheers, thanks a lot" "You can never have enough hats, belts or gloves"
    Patsy Stone
    Thanks man

  3. LOL and don't forget
    'my god I just enjoyed playing ping pong'..LOL and of course
    'buns sos tight, he wqas bouncing off the walls'
    Patsie a hero for our times.
    Cheers Sasha

  4. Just read this in one sitting, I hate using this word because it has been so devalued by our transatlantic cousins, but this is simply awesome.