24 June 2009

Jake Jr.

The driver of the taxi complained loudly while the boy lit a cigarette and smiled to himself, wondering how long it would be before Mrs. Perkins figured out she hadn't misplaced them once again. Everything about Jake was intentional, down to to the too-tight clothes he wore and the haircut more suited to a boy several years younger. He had learned from the master, his mother, but even had ammunition against her now that she probably lay awake the nights she wasn't passed out drunk wondering if it might bubble to the surface.
Sydney had been easy to deal with. And he was fairly sure the replacement would be the old geezer Southland who was so addled changing his grades would be easy. His strategy was quite simple, to be as charming and innocent looking to people that could fuck things up for him that they were disarmed before they even realized they were in battle.
The headmaster was different, he let the man have a bit of fun here and there, he wasn't exactly sure why or very concerned why, all it would take to bring him down was any number of little pieces of evidence, photographs, and he knew if it became necessary just how he would do it, he'd seduce the man's daughter first, then arrange for her to come across the pictures and e-mails by "accident," the old fool had no clue that Jake had the power to take away everything he loved in life without really trying much at all.
His mobile vibrated and he checked the screen, it was his dad again, but whatever reason he was calling Jake wasn't about to make it so easy on him. Send him fifty miles off to school and see how much the boy wants to do with you, no, he'd make his old man squirm for a day before innocently calling, pretending he'd lost the charger or some other forgivable lie.

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