29 June 2009


It's getting close to dawn and fuck if he isn't thinking about how this all arrived here, the shitty night when Jake was running a 102 fever and would only let Sam close, just it happened so natural there, his hand slipping into the PJs while Jake closed his eyes and pushed him down, and the taste like an appetizer before it went over, and then curling up with him, his shallow breathing just like now and this must be so wrong but he won't let it be, he tastes his brother's lips and it's marmalade tasting and he feels guilty he didn't make him something better to eat and fuck fuck this is gonna be a bitch to make work but he wants it to and fuck all if it's always been this way just neither of them could admit it, just sit in the shower and jerk off, he remembers Jake telling him that was his first time and feeling so guilty about it.
And he's thinking, what the fuck, I mean you can't control this shit, just try to avoid it which always fucks up in the end and he strokes his butt gently and watches Jake slowly getting hard from the touch and he has to ask in a whisper, "Do you want me to?" because saying it out loud would be...
And all Jake says is yes and he doesn't have to ask him to be gentle, this has gotta be his first time also, and he makes sure he goes slow and has to bite his tongue to stop it from being over too soon, I mean, this is the first time and it's got to be something awesome Jake'll remember for the rest of his life, soft and slow or hard and rough, Sam's guide being the noises he's making and fuck he must be doing this right even though he's only done it a few times before because his hand is stroking him, too, and he's starting to drip and Sam wants a taste of the precum which is sweet and salty and tastes just like the marmalade he put on his toast earlier and fuck he can't hold back, he just starts cumming and it won't stop and Jake can feel it and he shoots, too, it's like so powerful it just flys all over the wall, its like he wanted to cum like this forever and he doesn't pull out he just leans over which makes it go in further and fuck if that doesn't make him cum again and he starts to pull out but Jake grabs him ass and pushes him back in and says, "no, not yet," and how the hell are they going to explain this to the world and why should they have to, he doesn't want to, Jake's ass is so tight around him he can't resist but to start pushing again, even if he doesn't have much left to give he wants to and he grabs Jake's sweaty hair and kisses him.
Yes, it's marmalade and too many moments that they put aside and he just wants to take care of him now, he makes a point to bring him toast and coffee and all Jake does is thank him and trace the scar on Sam's back and it makes every hair on his body stand up and Jake says "I want this" and Sam knows his brother to mean he wants it and lays back while Jake goes down and its like the one time he took acid, the room just explodes in colors and...

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