12 June 2009

2009=06-12 Sam

I just don't get it.
A minute ago my Dad charged in with that scary mate of his, the one who kidnapped me when I was 14 and living at Len's house. He carried me straight out of the house, slapped me around, then locked me in the boot of his car. He was the one who sat in my room for eight days solid as I slowly re-entered the life my parents had decided was fit and proper for me. He was the one who drove me to that school, where they took the cheques and nobody asked questions.
And what the fuck happened to 'do not administer drugs' why am I still here?
And now this Doctor is telling me I've had a kidney removed, cos it was too damaged.
And he looks and says 'any questions'
and as soon as my lips part he says;
'no good, now rest' and there's a needle in my arm and he's gone.

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