29 June 2009

Jacob Snr

"get dressed"
a nurse, a rather sever nurse is standing over my bed. The various tubes and monitors have all been withdrawn, there's no security guard and there's no Sam.
"where's my son, is he alright"
"he's fine, he was discharged this morning, your other son collected him".
"not my shift, I don't know, in this bag are the painkillers you may need, take as required but do not exceed the dosage as stated, it's all on the bottles".
She hands me a paper bag with the medicines inside.
I dress and walk out, take the lift down to ground floor and through the sliding door, air, wind, hits my face and I turn into it, to feel something, anything. I take my mobile out and try and phone Jake's number, no answer.
Exactly one hundred and thirteen miles away, Sydney Thompson watches as the screen of the mobile lights up, with Dad calling and a photo of a rather distinguished looking man, Sydney studies the picture closely, yes that's the boy he taught in his second year at the school, a devious, nasty boy who could charm, delight and destroy all in equal measures. The mobile stops ringing, it's followed by a text message, Sydney reads it
'U @ hme or cottage.....Dad...reply 2 me'
Meanwhile exactly five miles from Sydney, Sam and Jake Jn are sat outside in the garden of a rather secluded cottage, they feel as if they are the only people on the planet.

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