27 July 2009


Jake swears and sweats in the sun, he had no clue France was so fucking hot and while Sam may be having more interesting things on his head atm all Jake can think of a is a giant ice cream cone. He finds the village after what seems like the longest, hottest 2km he's walked without a tree in site that was much taller than he was. An old couple is sitting on a bench, eating ice cream no less, and Jake thinks to himself how cute they are, how he hopes Sam and him will be like the someday, and then promptly eliminates the thought when the man stands up and pronounces to his wife that he's just loving Belgium, not realizing he's literally staring at a French flag. Stupid Americans, thinks Jake. He finds a currency exchange and is pleased when he gets twice as many bills back as he gave, wondering if it really is less expensive here. A simple grocery store and he's frozen in place at some sort of tart sitting in the window, it's gigantic and overflowing with several types of berries, it looks so good it practically gives him a hard-on. Inside, he gathers up a couple of those, some absolutely huge sandwiches with chicken and cheese. He quickly locates a couple of bottles of bitter lemon, and without thinking he picks up a bottle of wine as well. The man behind the counter says, non, non, and he suddenly realizes he probably should not be trying to buy wine, risky. But it turns out the man simply is directing him to a different bottle, which in broken English he says is better, cheaper, and best of all, a lot larger. He picks out some lemons with faith he will successfully capture some fish for supper, hopefully a less pissed-off fish, and the man insists on providing him with a picnic basket which Jake finds a little embarassing. but now he has the bitter lemon to keep him cooled down. He likes the newness of it, if someone had told Jake a few months ago he'd be excited about a picnic on the beach, he would've laughed himself to death, but it is nice and he feels happier now than he thinks he ever has.

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