21 July 2009


"Jake, where are we going" says Sam who is just starting to understand he's on a boat somewhere in the English Channel.
"France, Belgium, whichever we hit first" says Jake.
"don't you know then"
"well its kinda guess work but what does it matter" says Jake.
"what will we do when we get there" Sam asks.
"continue Sam, continue".
"with what"
"our affair, our lives, our journey".
"but to where" Sam still not understanding.
"anywhere man, anywhere, what does it matter".
"but Jake, you re always the man with the plan" Sam says laughing.
"I have a plan, I just told you, anywhere, anyhow".
Jake undresses and Sam smiles at him as does.
The two boys, brothers naked, adrift.
"this is how my life has felt for years" says Sam and Jake takes his hand and holds it and says
"and now it feels like this, is that any different?
and Sam lays his head on his brothers chest and smiles and says "much different Jake, much".
"I'm glad then" says Jake.
"Jake I wonder what happened back at the cottage, I thought I heard sirens when I was throwing up".
"don't know, don't care" says Jake.
"No neither do" I says Sam.
and they drift, the only sounds are water hitting the boat as it moves through the smooth sea, the wind in the sail and each others breathes, but Sam thinks he hears a distance voice saying careful Sam, careful.

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