18 July 2009


Sharon, feels what, after three days at Pain Garden and fistfuls of pills not a lot she guesses. It's like void land, no pain, no emotion, just shut off the ring of her mobile sends her into a little trance and then she realises where the sounds coming from looks at the screen, number unknown.
"Sam?..... where, at a doctors house, you alright"?
Sharon slugs at a litre bottle of still French water, which for some reason she thinks is gonna help repair her body.
"pick you up"?
Sharon considers her options, which are zero, she's a well paid PA to these little brat's Dad and what? How's she gonna say No.
"OK, when"
she slugs another shot of water.
she sighs deep.
"K.......OK, I said OK, Sam, just chill a little"
somethings not right here, she thinks.
"where's your car Sam"
she pulls the phone away from her ear as Sam blasts some language her way.
"OK, Sam address?......, an hour or so I guess".
She writes the address down and reads it back to Sam.
"now...OK...now, I'm gonna start now Sam, so just stop with the shouting, on my way, bye"
and she shuts down the call, picks up her car keys and sets off to pick the little fuckers up.

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