27 July 2009

Sam, his thoughts.

Sam’s lying in bed trying to push these thoughts from his head, he doesn’t want them there, not after the incredible sex he and Jake have just had. Two hours of touching and being touched, two hours of feeling like the centre of the universe where everything had stopped to honour their love. Now Jake’s gone into town to get some food and coffee and Sam’s alone, alone with his thoughts, thoughts where he pulls Jake’s hair hard, back to expose his neck a neck to be bitten and sucked hard as his hands twist and puncture nipples with fingers and needles, his hands that twist and pull hard on Jakes balls, fingers, a fist that get pushed inside Jake. He shuts his eyes as if to close out these thoughts but the nightmares there behind his lids, he see’s Jake drugged, tied, arms pulled taught, every part of him vulnerable and exposed, exposed to Sam and his desires for blood and pain, he shoots his eyes open and for a split second his mind is thinking about the ceiling but then the thoughts return, damn it Sam.

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  1. exposed to Sam and his desires for blood and pain

    I duunno, i like that...