19 July 2009

Sharon Her Sons And A Ghost From Her Past.

Sharon's conflicted in three ways she can immediately think of.
The drugs from Pain Garden are still thrashing her system and she zoning, Sam and Jake and that kiss, what was that? and then there's Peter, how long ago was that?
She lights a cigarette cos it's gonna buy her some time.
She lights and inhales and as she does every ones looking at her, she's aware of being studied, she throws her head back and lets out a long stream of smoke from her lips and inhales again, the awkwardness intensifies, your call Sharon thinks and she exhales.
"Sam, Jake go inside a wait for a minute will you".
The boys turn.
"no wait" they stop and turn towards her.
"I take it you have been at the cottage"?
Sam looks at Jake to answer, better if Jake answers, he has a way about him that will cut through this angry indifference.
Jake smiles and steps towards his mother.
"yes we were there for a day and then these locals turned up drunk looking for trouble and there was a fight, Sam got us out and we came here and called you".
"ahemmm, soo glad" Sharon says in her best southern states American accent, she only uses in times of extreme sarcasm. She inhales again.
The boys look down.
"ahhh see and are you two an item now, I mean the kiss looked more than brothers"
Sharon knows an advantage when she sees it and any hold over Jake is not to be sniffed at.
"Mum", Jake says and nods towards Dr Peter, whoever he is.
Jake's assessment which is razor sharp tells him her hold over him can't last if he can dig out this Mum and Peter thing.
"Peter do you have a room the boys could go too, I need to talk to you". Sharon ssays taking command.
Peter looks away from the boys and says"sure, first right off the landing, upstairs".
"well Sharon says looking at her sons, off you go".
They walk into the house and up the stairs, into a spare bedroom.
"shit, shit, shit, she knows" says Sam.
Jake walks towards him, takes him in his arms, kisses his lips softly and says
Sam pulls away, "she knows about us"
"as I said, and"? Look Sam, don't sweat it, Sharon's a fuck up, she's not going to hold power for too long believe me" Jake takes his brother back into his arms, pulling him close and kisses him again, this time longer and with the passion of lovers anew.
Sharon sits on a long five seater sofa, Peter is opposite her in a leather high backed chair.
"this is awkward" she says.
"don't see why" says Peter, "that was a long time ago".
"the younger one, Jake has a passion for power like you don't know" Sharon says.
"can I"? says Sharon as she pulls another cigarette from the pack she has been holding since she arrived.
Peter gets up, fetches an ashtray and places it beside her on the sofa and sits again.
"did you send them to the room with the cameras in"? Sharon asks.
"yes" says Peter grinning.
"lets see then" says Sharon shifting in her dress.
Peter picks up a remote and turns on the flat screen on the wall.
They both watch as Jake and Sam kiss, then Jake breaks away and walks to the door, opens it, listens and then closes it again, he walks back to Sam who is stood frozen and again takes him in his arms and kisses him and as he does he runs his hands over Sam's body and Sam as he is kissed places his hands on the small of Jake's back and pulls him closer.
"Interesting" says Sharon, can you record this by any chance"?
and Peter picks up the remote and pushes a button and small red light comes on.

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