22 July 2009

Brown Eyes and Winter Sun.

"Come on Sam, wake up, we have to get out of here, off this Island"
Sam slowly comes too and the dirt digging into his back is a reminder of what's happened and where they are.
"why,whats the hurry".
"I've been out and looked around and we are on fucking Alderney, you know the Channel Islands where everyone knows everyone and news travels fast"
Sam stumbles to his feet, wiping sleep from his eyes.
"K Jake, good to go"and both boys walk away from the wartime turret, leaving its ghastly history intact for others to stumble across as they had done.
The sun slams into Sam's eyes and he raises his arm against it to shield his eyes.
"Now where" he asks Jake.
"The boat and then France I guess" says Jake.
Jake fires the boats engine and Sam pushes the boat away from the wall and jumps, he almost falls into the water and when he scrambles aboard Jake's laughing at him.
"Shape up Sam, shape up"
Sam laughs and flex's his muscles.
"latter" says Jake, "later" and he disappears into the cockpit where he studies a map of the shipping lanes and sets a course for France, well he thinks he does.
"coffee" Sam comes in with a tray, coffee and some old bisects.
"I've just about finished here" says Jake "lets go outside"
Sam takes the tray up the five steeps and sets it down on the long seat at the back of the boat.
They both drink the coffee and ignore the bisects.
Suddenly Sam looks up at Jake out of his dream and says
"I really wanted to die Jake and now I don't".
Sam looks at him, all vulnerable, sadness pouring from his deep brown eyes.
"I know Sam, I know, but now we gonna live OK". Jake looking deep into those brown eyes, almost falling into them.
Sam smiles and Jake thinks it's like winter when the sun hits your face for the first time in months and says
"good Sam, good, cos I wanna live along with ya".
and they watch as the water disappears under the boat, taking them where?

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