29 July 2009

There's blood and a desire as yet unsaid.

“no more fish ,no more fish say it Jake, no, more fish” and as Sam says it the last time Jake joins in and they both shout “NO MORE FISH” together and Jake falls back on the bed laughing and Sam dives on top of him and after a long kiss from Sam, Jake makes a show of whipping his mouth and says “urgghh, no more fish Sam, no more fish”. “Ah ya very funny fella” says Sam in his mock Chinese accent, “very, very funny falla, marry me, make me happy, one time mister” and now it’s Jakes turn to attack Sam and he pins him to the bed and as he kisses Sam, he feels Sam’s teeth come over his bottom lip and bite and there’s a taste of blood in Jakes mouth so he breaks from Sam and wipes his hand across his mouth and yeah there’s a trail of blood and saliva on his hand. “Careful Sam, you drew blood man you bite me and cut my lip” and Sam is shaken back to the here and now here with Jake, “ah sorry Jake, I didn’t mean too” and he watches as Jake walks to the bathroom to clean his lip up and as Jake walks away from him he watches his ass and wonders what his fist would feel like inside there.

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