25 July 2009

A New Day

A new day breaks over the boat, dark night slowly crawling along the deck to be replaced by a dull red from a new sun, then as it rises the clear colour of day is exposed bringing with it what?
Jake is awake and making notes in his head as to what needs to be done, accomplished, achieved and he's bursting for Sam to wake so he can tell him. As Sam stirs Jake runs to pour some coffee and no sooner has Sam opeened his eyes than there's a coffee beside him and Jake and houses, food, banks, maybe bikes.
"Jake, hold up will ya" Sam say's and takes a slug of coffee, "come here" and Jake sits on the edge of Sam's bed and Sam pulls him into a hard hug.
"Now what's with this list, house, bike, what else" and Jake starts his mantra list over again and Sam still can't quiet get his sleepy head round it all.
"What do you say Jake, if we just make it up as we go along, no plans, no back up just us, what do ya say"?
Jake leans back taking his weight on his arms,
"Thats kinda new and radical for me".
Sam laughs "yeah it would be, but what do you say, give it a go"?
and Jake realises he's only here, where he wants to be, with the person he most wants to be with because there was no plan, just a reaction to a series of events and he laughs and says "yup, but that kinda sounds like a plan to me", and they both laugh hard so hard Jake falls onto his back and as they lay top and tail Sam tickles Jakes feet and Jake tries to pull away but Sam has his weight across Jakes ankles so he can't pull away.
"No plan, right" says Sam increasing the pressure.
"No plan, apart from no plan, yeah" says Jake and Sam smiles and says "yeah no plan, apart from that plan Jake".

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