19 July 2009

Play The Stakes Sam, Play The Stakes

Jacob senior sits, gloves on, holding the gun, think man, think, but the earlier absinthe
is making him drowsy, no ones going anywhere soon he figures so he places the gun beside him and lays out on the sofa.
Five miles away Sam barrels the VX down a country road going where? Neither he nor Jake Jr have a plan as yet, the only plan is to put some distance between them, Mum, the Dr dude and Dad, beyond that there’s no plan and that bothers Jake Jr bothers him a lot, he always has a plan, a back up plan and then some more.
“stop Sam, stop” Jake Jr shouts above the engine, Sam brings the car to a halt. Jack Jr gets out and walks to the boot,
“pop it Sam will ya”
Sam pushes a button on the dash and the booth pops open. Jake takes out the plastic bag they loaded the pills and scripts into, slams the boot and walks back to the passenger seat.
“Sam ya gotta trust me on this one OK, but I promise, I absolutely promise it’s gonna be safe and it’s gonna make us for life OK, me and you, together, forever man, promise, OK” and he leans across and kisses Sam.
Sam breaks the kiss.
“yeah, course, anything, for you, me, us right Jake”
“anything, never parted OK, Sam, promise” and as he talks he undoes the top of a plastic bottle of water, holds the bottle between his knees and pulls out of the plastic bag the percocet, xanax, thorazine and valium they took from the Doctors house. He tips out six of each into his hand and starts to grind them into a power.
“what you doing?” says Sam.
As Sam questions him, Jake tips the powdered pills into the plastic bottle, replaces the top and shakes, the clear water clouds.
“look Sam, this is safe, totally safe Ok, I’m not gonna let this go bad, but we have to maximise this opportunity, get Dad onside and Sharon and the Doctor outta the picture forever, Dad’s the weak link here, Sharon’s the fucking danger to us and possibly that Doctor, right”?
“yeah I guess” say’s Sam.
“so this is the plan, you’re gonna drink this, then we gonna drive back to the Doctors and park up and as you get drossy I’m gonna haul ya ass inside, Dad will WTF it, and I’ll tell him that between them, Sharon and the good Doctor drugged you and forced me to kiss you and shit”.
“that’s mad” says Sam.
“gotta a better plan“, says Jake.
“no, but”
“look Sam, your problem has always been, the stakes, you never play the stakes, higher the stakes the bigger the reward, for once Sam, play the stakes”. and with that he shakes the bottle at Sam.
Sam holds out his hand for the bottle and as he does Jake puts his arm around him.
“its gonna work Sam, believe me, its safe”.
Sam slugs the contents in one.
“good man“, says Jake, now back to the house.

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