30 July 2009

A question of trust.

They're in the cramped room, it's almost getting stuffy but a storm is coming across the water and the rumble of thunder carries a cooling breeze with it. Some radio station is playing music that sounds like it came from a World War II movie and it was Jake's pick, Sam wonders how spent so many years just a few feet from him, listening to his breathing, and still finds so much about him so amazing and new. Jake is trying to sing along, a waste of time because the song's in French and of all his amazing talents Jake can't carry a tune to save his life, now he's remembering the upset boy being told how he made Handel sound like a plane coming apart in mid-air. Jake had sulked for days but apparently never completely gave up.
'Do ya trust me,' whispers Sam.
'Really trust me, I won't hurt you,' and he won't, he's just...curious.
'Close your eyes,' he whispers, and peels off his brother's jeans, his hard-on standing full at attention, slowly pushing his legs apart.
'Relax,' instructs Sam, and Jake gasps a bit as he starts to explore, first one finger, and then Jake relaxes and it's two and three and his hand now, watching Jake sweat, his lips parting slowly as he moans, his teeth catching a white flash of light as his tongue darts out.
Sam clenches his fist and starts to massage him gently inside, Jake trying to play with himself, but no, no control allowed, Sam goes down on him and he can taste that he's close, so he goes a bit deeper in before slipping it out as fast as he dares, suddenly his mouth full as Jake cries out a bit and he swallows and starts to slip it out all the way but Jake rolls Sam over and pushes it back in, it's all Sam can do not to gag as more and cum shoots out, thrusting all the way back against his throat.
And then Jake is lying beside him, gasping, he lights a cigarette while Sam starts to jerk himself off and he's flicked a cherry right on his head, teh pain so intense he tries to jerk harder but Jake has plans, he can feel the lit end so close to him he thinks he smells something burning, but all he can feel is like floating, floating, doesn't even know what happened next except he feels drunk, before he can gasp for air, he's tasting a mouthful of himself mixed with nicotine and wine.

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