25 April 2010

What needs to be understod here is that I'm not a bad person. I am not sick and I am not twisted. I am a good man... an honest man... a kind man. I have fantasies and desires and god knows where they come from. I certainly never paid for them. Everyone can understand that.

And just like you, most the time i can resist temptation... I can find anti-climax in other ways. But it arrives, and it always arrives, where relief cannot be sought wanking and growling over uploaded videos or imagination. There comes a time when flesh must touch flesh, where meat must eat meat. But all that means is: I could have been You.

There is blood and shit on my middle finger, thumb and cock. A young body, seven if a day, lays like a shorn lamb on the floor. If he were breathing he would also be crying, but he is silent. I feel kind of embarrassed, sick now. The moment the come shoot from my dick all desire deflated. I was left with nothing but a mess. There is no doubt I am a sad man, but I am certainly not bad.

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