25 April 2010

No, I wasn't wrong and in such cases I very rarely am. This boy had the cock of a God. I watched it rise and bulge and on it's own accord seemed to open the zipper and spring out. And he lay there like that. Slouched back and smoking with his cock standing in the wind. And just like that we drove north.

Now big cocks are fine... huge cocks even better. But there is something always and ultimately disappointing when you find one. It happened that the 11 inches that I wanked and sucked off for 3 hours were backed up by a pair of hideously tiny balls. Really. By the time I had yanked this kids pants down he somehow looked abnormal... like an adult baby. I think he was aware of it too... that's how he'd mastered that trick with the zipper.

I felt myself getting angry, that kind of rage that one knows cannot be tamed or counted away. I was either gonna kill this boy or we were gonna have incredible sex... both are pretty much the same thing. Billy saw my eyes and I saw his. He was petrified and suddenly realised he didn't know where the fuck he was. I think at one point he thought about jumping out the moving car. At a kind of loss as what to do he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his cock. As he fingered his arse I think he was praying for incredible sex...

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