11 April 2010

It was one of those wild summer days where you look up at the sky and smell the sea. The world seemed to have transcended to a place beyond peace. "It can never be better than this!" thought Kyle. And then the van stopped, scrunched gravel and then stopped again. They led him out still in handcuffs and prison slacks and pushed him quickly inside. "Kyle Bridges. Funeral Release." Said a fatigued guard scratching his neck under the collar.
"Good service?" Asked another
"Ain't they all?" said Kyle "Can't wait for mine."
And then they stripped him down... Violated him with a search... Led him to his cell... And as one held and twisted his arms behind his back another placed a pillow over his face and started pounding away. When he fell to his knees (or rather was lowered to them) the pillow was placed around his ribs and black shiny boots started kicking in the bones.
"Sick paedo cunt!" KICK
"Cunt!" KICK
"Faggot fuck!" KICK
"Not so fucking clever now, hey, paedo!" KICK, KICK, KICK.
During this hideous and frenzied thrashing Kyle succombed to The Blackout and his last thought before leaving for another hell was: "It can never be better than this!"

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