11 April 2010

They have their names for me and I let them keep them. I'm not particular. So wise they are none noticed when he broke my teeth I spit them into my palm and now it's down to just one guard, the one who kicked me and left me in here in cuffs. I pick the lock with a bit of broken tooth and the fucks who beat on me are standing well back since the biggest ass all is strugglling and failing to get out of my chokehold, funny how that knee just fails to give and now he's foaming and spitting. Okay, be nice, I say to myself so just a quick shift and snap it's all over. But not for this Guard Hainey, I get him here and he doesn't even see it, slam that broken tooth right into his neck and he's fucked but it's not gonna be fast, not even close, he can't even fight back he's so busy trying to stop the blood from spurting but I mostly got it right so not much chnnce there. I rip his cheap polyster blues down and even though the cage is open wide none is going is going to resist a chance so he's bleeding out and getting raped all at once. Now that's justice.

I'm out and it tastes of salt in the air so it must be sea. There's a boy who notices me, well I stole the uniform so he thinks I'm a cop, lets me buy him an ice and he's bouncing on my lap so much I gotta find a room soon.
'It's such a nice day, mister, isn't it?'
'Yeah, such a nice day.'
I rest my hand on his lap, just close enough for now, daring right out in the open to touch a bit.
Fuck, I gotta finda a room fast since he doesn't seem to care.

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