25 April 2010

He acted different after that. I found us a cheap hotel and I asked him where he was trying to go and he just said 'i dunno' and now we're sitting on separate beds, he stole one of my beers and drank half the fucking vodka but he isnt acting even buzzed.

'Can you be my babysitter?'
'Just go with it, gimme a bath and get me drunk.'

So I say okay and fuck he's so skinny but his cock is like huge so I can't help but play with it.
'I'm gonna.'
'It's okay.'
Fuck almost put my eye out he shot so big. And now he's all smiles and shit and I get him into his Spongebob PJ's and he's making me watch cartoons but I can't get his cock out of my head. So I've got my hand down his PJ's and he's hard again.
'Can we stop playing?' I ask.
'Why? You aren't having fun?'
'Yeah, I am, just...'
He giggles and stuffs a Starburst in his mouth and I take a moment to share it, just taste him and his candy.
'I want you to fuck me,' I say, and fuck I can't believe I just said that.
'Really? All the others just wanted to fuck me which is okay but I've never done that.'
And fuck I'm really losing control here cos he's just so perfect and I say yeah and put the lube on him, not gonna use a condom, hell, no one has fucked me since I was twelve. He seems to know what he's doing, thank fuck he's gentle cos that thing is huge and fuck this might be such a bad idea cos I think I'm actually falling for him, he's fucking me but so gentle it's like he cares and I just drop the words which makes him stop for a minute.
'Just cuz I'm good?'

And no, it isn't that, fuck he broke something in me that prolly should have been broken years back. Which totally sucks as of course we can never really be together, he's porlly 15 if that but he's actually kissing me.
'Did you cum?' he asks and I'm like no but that's okay.He could do this for two days straight and I wouldn't have to, it just feels so safe.
'I came in you a couple times, mister, I'm sorry.'
'It's okay, I wanted you to.'
He pulls and starts to jerk me off but I don't want it, not yet, he's completely messed me up now. He steals a cig and is smoking on the edge of the bed so I give him a beer and ask what's up but I know what it is, two people who thought they didn't need anyone just found out they did. He's crying so I brush his tears off and just kiss him, fuck, David, you just did that cos you care?
We sleep together, naked, and he flops on top of me and holds me and fuck I don't know what to think cos I gotta admit this feels too nice to give up.

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